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Smart site: retain customers thoughtful design

Smart site: retain customers thoughtful design

You can create a technically perfect website, filled with the most interesting and the most advanced functionality, customers but it does not move beyond the first minute on the main page. The reason for this behavior of the users most often lies in the ill-conceived or sloppy design, which makes it difficult clearly to perceive the information provided.

Smart sites are paying great attention to the proper design, and it is completely justified: the visitor comes to your site for specific information, and if it can not find their way in the first few seconds, exactly where to find it, just go to the more obvious competitors. That's why smart design sites is not just a way of visual layout of elements on the screen ( "Site layout"), but also an important public relations mechanism to keep visitors on your site on as long as possible.

At the heart of the design right is always smart site matching business goals. Obviously, if you want to create a small online business card, the principles of its design will be quite different from the large-scale online store or corporate portal. Therefore, the customer must be the very first discussions of the future of the site is very clearly set our priorities.

What type of website you plan to do (business card, Landing, information portal, blog, portfolio, online store, or other)?

Which mood must match design (strict corporate, bright advertising, the priority of the image over the text, or vice versa)?

What color schemes are allowed and not allowed to use (the colors of corporate colors, monochromatic colors or in the designer's discretion)?

What is its general composition (left-hand or right-hand, how many columns and a width, whether to scale the site to the entire width of the screen, and so on)?

The more responses will receive expert to its questions at the first stage, the more accurate will be thoughtful and his sketches and drafts.

However, technical aesthetics and sophisticated beauty of design still hides usability of the site and its logical structuring in terms of visitor (this site feature called "usability"). The correct and professional in this sense to make the site design, the longer time and, ultimately, the more efficient will be your Internet contact with a potential buyer. Qualitatively thought out and implemented design presents your customer exactly the information about your business, which it is currently most needed. Thus, on a subconscious level, your reputation increases the weight and increases the degree of client confidence to you that the most positive impact on their motivation to purchase your product or service order.

The designs we create for its smart sites designed for each specific project and take into account even the most subtle nuances of behavior of your potential clients. We are always ready to discuss and explain their decisions, because we want to perfect balance - when harmoniously combines the interests of the owners of the site and their guests, and the design of the site is not in contradiction with its functional purpose.