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Planning Smart Site

Planning and creation of intelligent site

Plan smart site is built on classic principles of business intelligence and understanding of basic Internet marketing laws. This is a very responsible and important period of work that require the customer a maximum of openness and trust - at this stage we'll have to combine the accumulated professional experience to clearly define what exactly the problem is to solve our intelligent website.

What we need to know about you before you start?

It is important, if we make a completely new site or update an existing one. We are equally interesting and familiar both options.

We are interested in the specifics of your business: occupied a niche in the market, your advantages over competitors, the unique differences and key achievements.

We will try to create a psychological profile of your customer - to understand exactly how it will look for you on the Internet, and what aspects of the submission of the information most important to him.

We also are interested in all your ideas and suggestions about what site you want to get: its functionality, structure, design, interaction with third-party programs, the frequency of updates. Even if you are ordering for the first time the creation of the site and still not very good with this field, we are always ready to tell you in detail about all the incomprehensible things and offer a choice of their own versions.

As will be apparent to the final budget and timeline of this website?

It is a crucial moment for the customer - an understanding of the fork of its budget (maximum and minimum) and the definition of desirable terms of creating intelligent site. We always try to keep this issue a reasonable balance - fit into your budget proposed by the customer while setting reasonable and realistic time frame for the work. In addition, we always try to offer alternatives if some of our proposals have not satisfied the first time. interests of each client for us - it's always a new professional challenge, which we want to respond adequately, and therefore always ready to negotiate flexible.